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CURSILLO  Evangelizes our environment, home, work, parish neighborhood and those with whom we come into contact. We help people to use the talents God has given them, first through a short course in Christianity and then through lifetime support groups. Our ministry follows the format of "Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ, using the ideals of believing, belonging and being compassionate. Training includes: Leaders School, Workshops, Team Meetings, Seminars. Contact: JoAnne Archer, 631-422-6145

HEC (Handicapped Encounter Christ)  helps people with disabilities to know and experience the love of Christ. There is an annual retreat weekend which has a big volunteer team. Our ministry’s goal is to integrate the handicapped into the parish community and into regional groups. Contact: Joanne Archer, 631-422-6145

MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER  Learn how to really love each other, no matter how long you have been married.  Call the toll-free number, 1-866-499-6354.

ROSARY   We meet Tuesday thru Saturday mornings to recite the Rosary after the 9:00a.m. Mass.  On Tuesday we begin with special Novena prayers to the Blessed Mother before reciting the Rosary.  Contact: Mary Ann Lando, 631-586-5981

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