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Get Involved at O.L.M.M Church

At O.L.M.M Church, we offer a variety of ministries to suit your interests and talents:

  • Liturgy Ministry: Serve in the celebration of Mass and other liturgical services, helping to create a reverent and enriching worship experience for our community.

  • Education & Religious Formation: Get involved in our educational programs aimed at nurturing faith formation and spiritual growth among individuals of all ages.

  • Spiritual Growth: Explore opportunities for personal and communal spiritual development through prayer groups, retreats, and other spiritual growth initiatives.

  • Parish Social Ministry: Engage in outreach efforts aimed at serving those in need within our local and global communities, embodying the spirit of compassion and solidarity.

  • Parish Communities: Connect with others who share similar interests or life stages through our parish community groups, fostering deeper relationships and a sense of belonging.

  • Parish Life & Business: Contribute to the administrative and operational aspects of our parish, ensuring smooth functioning and effective stewardship of resources.

Be sure to check our calendar of activities for upcoming events and opportunities to get involved!

We invite you to explore these ministries and find a meaningful way to contribute to the life and mission of our church. Together, let's continue to grow in faith and service as we journey together in Christ.

Event Calendar

To Believe, To Belong, To be Compassionate

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