Most people begin to deal with the reality of life without their loved one after the funeral when everyone else seems to have resumed their normal life.  Grief is expressed differently in everyone.  There may be feelings of sadness, guilt or anger at the person, at the medical profession, or God.  These are normal emotions.  The goal of our bereavement ministry is to help each individual deal with his or her grief in a positive manner for healthy healing.  Private visits or phone calls with a professional grief counselor are provided by a parish volunteer.  Contact:  Joanne Archer, 422-6145.


It is our goal to help families through the task of planning a loved one’s funeral Mass. We assist the family in choosing the readings as well as the music they would like at the Mass. We also ask about the deceased so that the celebrant can speak of the family’s loved one in a touching and consoling manner to help the family feel God’s presence to them during this time of sorrow. Though certain parishioners have been trained in this ministry, we are not formally ministering in the parish because there is a need for at least 20 individual participants so that no one person has to be called upon more than once every six weeks. The training is very simple, requiring l or 2 meetings. Two ministers go together to the funeral home as consolation ministers to the family. Area funeral directors are aware of our ministry and welcome it. Contact: Parish Office, 643-7568


We are a not-for-profit organization located at 1767 Deer Park Avenue, Deer Park, New York 11729 PH. 243-2373, or web site:  The Organization gives free pregnancy tests, counseling, and so much more, to people experiencing a crisis pregnancy.  We rely greatly on donations of money, baby items, baby furniture, and baby clothes sizes new born to 3T.  Contact:  Mary Ann & John Lando, 586-5981



Did you ever ask what was wrong with the Jericho Road? Why was the man set upon by thieves" Why did the Samaritan have to help him? The Roundtable For the Common Good tries to fix the Jericho Road. Our focus is on injustice: the root causes of poverty, racism and the other social sins that require "Good Samaritans" to help people in need. Help us to educate and advocate, to bring the Catholic moral voice into politics so that someday, justice will reign and there will be no need for Samaritans. The Committee sponsors 2 to 3 programs a year. In addition, there is an occasional request for advocacy in the form of letter writing, phoning officials, etc. Contact: Sandy Thomas 491-3214


A ministry of the Sisters of St,. Dominic, Amityville, is a literacy and job-training program for underemployed and undereducated women. It strives to empower them by improving their academic and/or English language skills, thus enabling them to provide for their families and assume membership in the work force. The program consists of two areas: Adult Basic Education/ GED preparation and English for Speakers of Other Languages. Classes are held weekdays from September to June, 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. We follow the local school district calendar. Registration is ongoing. Call Sister Fran Gorman at (631)643-0541 for more information.



[The "GROC" has its own website. For

more information regarding the Outreach

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This past Tuesday, we hosted 29 clients including five women. We had two medical emergencies; a 54 year old man who only wore ripped sneakers with no socks during last week’s cold spell developed frostbite, and a 32 year old man suffered a psychotic episode and was transported to Stony Brook hospital.  The police officers who also assisted were great. 


Every now and then I wonder why I am not wintering down in Naples, working on my golf game or starting a business and flipping houses.  I could if I wanted to, and life would be easier…. but then.


  • A sixty two year old gentleman who lives in the woods in Deer Park and who I have been working with for three years told me that he signed a lease for an efficiency apartment; I had convinced him to contact his family and now, he is going to visit his mother in New Jersey next week, the first time in eight years.  He asked if he could still come on Tuesday nights for dinner and conversation and I told him he is always welcome. A case management success.  


  • Buster has been coming to the shelter for three years; on Tuesday, he asked if he could read a poem to me and the volunteers.  Here it is verbatim:



  "To our Lady of Miraculous Meadows

   Thank you for taking in the ladies and fellows

   From the cold night shadows

   And saving us from our battles


To the Gerald J Ryan Outreach Center

Thank you for taking me in and being a mentor

I want to thank you ladies for all you do

Every Tuesday night I can count on you


For the pleasant Hello's and your beautiful smile 

I don't have to tell you I love your style

When everything I had, has either been lost or token

You give me back my hope and pride with your cookin'

Me writing a poem, don't think it's odd!

The love in this room, proves there is a God

Thank you To Naycha, Wendy, Noelle, and Dotty

For nourishing food I put in my body

To Ricardo, I always sit with you,

you make the night groovy

We eat cake all night and watch good movies

To Mr. Joe, I like to come here, cause you're not bossy

Everyone needs a friend that makes a mean cup of coffee

When people tell us no, and life is slow

Its cold outside and we got nowhere else to go


One thing I do know, it's all love and family with Mr. Joe

Thank you all for Daring to Care..." 


I guess my golf game can wait a year.

Sincere Regards Always,  

Joe Gibbons

Joe's letter continues...with the grateful words of Buster, a Tuesday's Shelter guest: 


On January 14th, an OLMM Social Ministry (Roundtable / Abraham's Table) was instrumental in organizing and planning a "stellar" event that took place at the Jewish Community Center in Commack....a tribute night of singing, prayer and reflection in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the night before the national holiday in honor of the Rev. King's birthday. Video shows just 20 seconds of a 2+ hour event. 



To Believe To Belong To Be Compassionate