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Excerpt from Board President Joe Gibbons' Letter to parishioners, supporters, volunteers and staff members.....

       October 2nd 2023

Dear Friends, 

      It has been a busy 50th year anniversary for the Gerald J. Ryan Outreach Center here in Wyandanch.

      A sincere 'Thank you" to all the people that donated this past summer to purchase ice cream and pizza for the children at camp! The seventy-five campers loved the special attention and treats they received each week. We told the campers that people donated the ice cream and pizza because they are special and people cared about them.  All children need to know they are loved, especially those that are homeless or live in a shelter.  

 The "Back to School Backpack Program” went well, with over 350 backpacks distributed. Also, we provide school supplies during the school year, if we have them available.


      Our new client numbers are increasing, and so is the request for diapers (size 4, 5, 6).  This will translate into more toys needed for our Christmas distribution and a higher demand on our clothing room and pantry. We are still the largest food and clothing pantry in Wyandanch. 

       With inflation eroding the value of a fixed income, the Outreach is experiencing an increase of older people coming for food and clothing.  They just cannot make ends meet and keep food on the table for their children. We all see the increased cost of basic food and rising gas prices. People are struggling to make the decision to either pay for rent or provide the necessities for their families. The answer is food when children are involved. It is not uncommon to see an 80+ year old new client walk to our center looking for food.  While our numbers are increasing, we are holding our own with the food for now, I am mildly concerned about the winter months. 


      Clients are now registering for our Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket & Toy distributions. Typically, we provide a turkey, a basket of fresh vegetables, canned food, pasta and stuffing to feed a large family.   We distribute the same food basket for Christmas but also try to provide three new, age and gender appropriate toys for our 550 registered children. St Anne's Parish in Garden City and St. John the Baptist DHS have always been great supporters and we could not do what we do without their help.  We are expecting at least 375 families to register this year for each event. 


     We are weeks away from distributing winter coats and have already started distributing sweatshirts and sweaters. We need  clean, gently used  winter coats, sweatshirts, baby clothing and men’s clothing.   


I am already looking forward to the Spring Soccer Clinic.


Fond Regards, 




October 29th 2023

by Carol Glatz

"To reform the church is to put God first and adore him, and to love and serve others", Pope Francis said at Mass marking the conclusion of the first session of the Synod of Bishops on synodality.

"This is the church we are called to 'dream': a church that is the servant of all, the servant of the least of our brothers and sisters; a church that never demands an attestation of 'good behavior,' but welcomes, serves, loves, forgives; a church with open doors that is a haven of mercy," he said.

"We may have plenty of good ideas on how to reform the church, but let's remember: to adore God and to love our brothers and sisters with his love, that is the great and perennial reform," the pope said in his homily at Mass in St. Peter's Basilica Oct. 29.

Thousands of faithful stood at the start of Mass as synod members and participants processed into the basilica. The procession was led by non-ordained members followed by bishops and then cardinals.


The synod on synodality marked the first time laypeople and women religious could take part as voting members. Of the total 364 members, close to 25% were "non-bishop members" and 54 of them were women.

"Dear friends, the general assembly of the synod has now concluded," the pope said in his homily. "Today we do not see the full fruit of this process, but with farsightedness we look to the horizon opening up before us."

"The Lord will guide us and help us to be a more synodal and missionary church, a church that adores God and serves the women and men of our time, going forth to bring to everyone the consoling joy of the Gospel," he said.

As the church concludes this stage of its journey, he said, "it is important to look at the 'principle and foundation' from which everything begins ever anew: love. "Loving God with our whole life and loving our neighbors as ourselves," he said, is "the heart of everything."

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