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Excerpt from Joe Gibbons' Letter to parishioners, supporters, volunteers and staff members.....November 15th 2020 

We start our annual Thanksgiving distribution next week and, as with everything else, the procedures will be different from prior years.  In a typical year, we would use the church as a holding zone for clients who come early for their baskets; the gathering in church is a nice touch point as we can talk to the group as a whole, wish everyone a happy holiday and talk about community issues. With COVID as prevalent as it is throughout the Wyandanch community, all distribution will be done outdoors. 


Regardless of the weather, we will set up tables outside where we would collect the Thanksgiving vouchers and give each family a turkey, fresh vegetables and a basket of food; eligible clients will also receive their Christmas vouchers at this time.  We will provide baskets to singles on Tuesday, November 17th and to families on the 23rd and 24th. Many other organizations have elected not to distribute food this year so we are expecting a surge of non-registered families. We will stay open until the last basket is distributed.

The Outreach will receive 12 pallets of food boxes on Tuesday, approximately 600 boxes. If anyone would like a good open air workout let me know, we can use the help.

Pope francis pens new

social encyclical 

Chapter One:

Dark Clouds

Cover the World

In the first of eight chapters, which is entitled “Dark Clouds over a Closed World”, the document reflects on the many distortions of the contemporary era: the manipulation and deformation of concepts such as democracy, freedom, justice; the loss of the meaning of the social community and history; selfishness and indifference toward the common good; the prevalence of a market logic based on profit and the culture of waste; unemployment, racism, poverty; the disparity of rights and its aberrations such as slavery, trafficking, women subjugated and then forced to abort, organ trafficking (see Par 10-24). It deals with global problems that call for global actions, emphasizes the Pope, also sounding the alarm against a “culture of walls” that favours the proliferation of organized crime, fuelled by fear and loneliness (see Par 27-28).


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VATICAN NEWS article from October

HERE:    https://bit.ly/338DjkM

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