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The Ministry to Catholics of African Ancestry was established as a response to the need for new vision and courage at the highest levels of leadership in our nation. The Ministry seeks justice for all by encouraging changes in our society that are consistent with our Christian beliefs, emphasizing brotherhood and love above all. Thus, the Ministry is ultimately a response to God’s Word, proclaiming the oneness of the human family... and to the exhortations of Pope John Paul II to keep our rich cultural gifts active and alive. Since the cultural heritage of African Americans enriches the Church and makes the dream of universality more complete and real, the Ministry serves the spiritual, cultural, educational and social needs of Catholics of African Ancestry and encourages a deeper understanding of these needs by the Church.


The Ministry also works to give guidance and support to special individuals who aspire to the priesthood while helping to stimulate the development and training of lay leaders, especially youth and young adults of African Ancestry. Finally, the Ministry strives create a positive environment for the assumption of leadership roles in the parish, and promote spiritual / liturgical rites that culturally connect to the experience of African Americans as well as to the experience of those who are not of African Ancestry. The members of Catholics of African Ancestry welcome and actively reach out to new members in our community.


Contact: Parish Office, 631-643-7568


A Mass is celebrated in French/Creole by Father Aime Moise where Haitians have the opportunity to pray, sing as they did in their own country. After the Mass, everyone meets in the Maria Regina Room where they share their concerns about life in the United States, their children, their happiness. The Community expresses their love of gathering together to Worship and share fellowship over coffee, soda, cake and pate. By getting to know each other, the Haitians that have been in the US longer provide guidance and welcoming to newcomers. Likewise, we teach religion to the youngsters.


Contact: Parish Office, 631-643-7568


The Knights are a Catholic Fraternal Organization dedicated to furthering and defending the Catholic Church in the United States by defending life, families and the poor. The Knights meet two nights a month during the year. Active members share their talents and gifts in various ways to help achieve the goals of the organization.


Contact: Parish Office, 631-643-7568


See Spanish pages or Contact: Angela Abrego, 631-920-2174


The principal goal of our Ministry is to give our senior parishioners an opportunity to get together and enjoy themselves. In addition to our regular weekly meeting, our planned activities and arrangements for transportation, group rates, etc., gives us opportunities to travel and experiences we could not otherwise enjoy.

Contact: Parish Office, 631-643-7568

Note: Some contact information may be outdated, for any concerns please contact the Parish Office, 631-643-7568

To Believe, To Belong, To be Compassionate

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