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The Code of Canon Law requires each parish to have two trustees. They are part of the legal corporation that is formed along with the pastor and our bishop. As part of their trusteeship, they monitor parish finances and assist the pastor in all legal corporation matters pertaining to the parish. Members are appointed by the Pastor/Administrator for legally established terms.  Current trustees are Richard Ventura and Pedro Fortunato. 

Contact: Fr. Charlince Vendredy 631-643-7568


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide the Pastor/Administrator with trusted advisors, thus enabling him to make prudent decisions in a spirit of Christian Stewardship. Members of this committee are appointed by the Pastor.


Contact: Pedro Fortunato, 631-587-3667


This ministry concerns itself with overseeing the parish plant, maintaining and repairing it as needed. We check the plumbing, heating, electrical systems, the condition of equipment. We re-paint where needed, etc. Persons with expertise in plumbing, carpentry, painting or general upkeep are welcome.

Contact: Jim Pieper, 631-643-7568



The Parish Council is made up of approximately fifteen persons who were nominated by the Parish Community.  They advise the Pastoral Staff and are attentive to the needs and suggestions of the parishioners.  They act as a go-between for the parishioners and the Pastoral Staff.  Their role is to be sure we are faithful to our Parish Mission Statement and to plan for the future of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. 


Contact:  Fr. Charlince Vendredy 631-643-7568


The goal and purpose of Risk Management is to provide a safe and healthy environment at OLMM for all who use our parish facilities. Anyone who cares about the safety and well-being of people is invited to join.

Contact: Jim Pieper: 631-643-7568


Answer phones and welcome individuals who come to the rectory daytime and after office hours, plus some limited clerical tasks.  Computer skills helpful.  The principal qualities needed by participants are a friendly, welcoming manner and good phone skills. 

Contact:  Parish Office, 631-643-7568

Note: Some contact information may be outdated, for any concerns please contact the Parish Office, 631-643-7568

To Believe, To Belong, To be Compassionate

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