Father Bill Brisotti 

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Born when America had just entered WWII, Fr. Bill (a member of Pax Christi) has worked his entire life to promote the cause of universal pacifism. Since 1977, he’s been an active member of the Atlantic Life Community, which joins spiritually-based intentional communities from North Carolina to Maine, to support each other in direct, nonviolent action for disarmament.

Father Brisotti has always displayed compassion and the courage of his convictions by putting himself in harm’s way to help "the least among us" get through serious life and death crises.

He braved several trips to El Salvador while civil war raged during the 1980’s. As a member of various organized delegations, Father Bill has seen "active duty" on the peace front in far flung locations throughout Central America on many occasions. At the same time, he has helped with efforts to educate citizens about the effects of US military policy in Central America, and how to engage in reforming those policies so they reflect more fully the democratic ideals of our country.

​It was in Hempstead’s Our Lady of Loretto that Fr. Brisotti took on his first parish assignment, serving there from 1968-1974. Next, it was on to his first stint at OLMM here in Wyandanch where he served 9 years, until 1983.

During the late 1980s and 1990’s, Fr. Bill was engaged in Pastoral ministry in Our Lady of Loretto (Hempstead), St. Anne’s (Brentwood), St. John of God (Central Islip), Resurrection (Farmingville), and St. Anthony’s (Rocky Point) helping developing Hispanic communities.

​On June 30, 1999, when our former pastor Father John Cervini re-located to the Dominican Republic, Fr. Bill was appointed Administrator of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church, Wyandanch ....and then Pastor in April, 2002.

As pastor, he has helped lead our parish through continued growth as a multicultural community. Spanish-speaking families from all over the Town of Babylon have found a home here, while our Haitian and African ancestry parishioners and communities have continued to thrive.

Fr. Bill is currently a member of the Wyandanch Clergy Association, and our parish has continued to pursue interfaith collaboration with our Jewish neighbors, and, since 2014 has expanded those efforts to include the Muslim community. His Latin America experience has been helpful in our parish’s efforts to promote comprehensive reform of our nation’s immigration policy, and to help immigrants in the current system.

Fr. Bill is a 52-year member of the Long Island Banjo Society, and a 17-year member of the Bob Morris Irish Band, playing traditional Irish music.

Father Bill in June at the Jewish Community Center in Commack -- site of

Abraham's Table Forum (JUNE 2017).

Father Bill Brisotti Warmly Celebrated On

Occassion of His 50th

Anniversary of Ordination

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